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The Battle For Comfort Is On: Reliance VS Grannies The Battle For Comfort Is On: Reliance VS Grannies

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Furnaces, Air Conditioners, HVAC Systems and Water Heaters

At Reliance Home Comfort™, we’re not comfortable until you are. That’s why every member of our team works hard to ensure your home’s heating and air conditioning equipment is always running smoothly.

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Have you done all of your research, and are still not sure exactly what the right solution is for your home? That's where a Smart Fit consultation with Reliance Home Comfort Advisor can help.

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Furnace giving you the cold shoulder? With the latest in high efficiency gas furnaces and geothermal heating, as well as unparalleled installation services, you'll be warm all winter long.

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If you're hot, we're bothered. So whether you're looking for a central air conditioner, or simply a new home cooling solution, we'll make sure the experience is an absolute breeze.

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We've got comfort solutions that are all bundled up. See our extensiv​e line-up of full systems that will keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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Hot Water

An endless supply of warm water ensures endless comfort at home. Choose from our selection of tankless, conventional, and electric water heaters.

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Get service when you want it. Our skilled technicians can service or repair any brand of air conditioner, furnace or water tank, and they're waiting for your call, 24 / 7 / 365

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